Are you attending and loving the Social Justice Series content and have an idea for a new speaker? Do you want to be the interlocutor for our next event? We'd love to hear from you!

Raising the bar on conversations and broadening understanding on important topics is the key to equipping our membership with leadership skills they need to succeed, from the dorm rooms to the board rooms of the world,” said Gina Curtis, President of the Educational Foundation of Delta Phi Epsilon.


Underwritten by the Educational Foundation, the Social Justice Engagement Program is available free of charge to all members. Organized on a virtual platform, each event will enable thousands of Delta Phi Epsilon sisters to share experiences and ideas with leading experts and each other.

In 2019 Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation unveiled the inaugural season of their Social Justice Engagement Program. A groundbreaking series of 10 events per year, each focused on a different theme or issue and featuring a notable keynote speaker. The Social Justice Engagement Program brings the entire sorority – collegiate and alumni – together virtually to learn about, explore, discuss and take action in support of important ideas.